IMG_0804Macau Uni Flyer_Couplet Comp 2014 (1)
830之 澳大舊去新舍來,港澳同學愛回家 (UMacau Home Sweet Home)
A visit to the old and new campus of the University of Macau on 30 August 2014 (Saturday).
I am pleased to inform you that all the alumni have a good chance to pay a visit to the old campus for a good memory of historical parts (formally closed on 22 August 2014) and the architecture of beauty of the new campus at HengQin.
The new campus has just been in use for a few months. Management of the university has arranged to have all of us, as alumni, to see the beautiful campus on 30 August with the following agenda of that date:
0815 Gathering on 3/F of Shun Tak Pier
0845 Jetfoil to Macau
1000 Reach Macau
1030 UM old campus appreciation and memory pictures taking
1200 Lunch and memory sharing of study fun in UM
1400 Reach the new HengQin new campus
1430 Meet the Rector and presentation of gifts on Couplet competition對聯創作大賽
1530 New campus tour
1700 Completion of tour