You Are Welcome!

Your alma mater will be 30 years old this year! I appeal to you to participate in the many celebratory events that will be held on and off campus. You are welcome to come back and find out more about all the recent developments of your alma mater and the progress of the construction in the Hengqin new campus. The university will be more than happy to organize more tours for alumni to the construction site of the new campus.

The Alumni and Development Office (ADO) of the University of Macau was created with the primary objective of maintaining a life-long relationship with all her graduates. We strongly support the work of the University of Macau Alumni Association as a main link between the local alumni community and their alma mater and the association’s commitment in engaging and organizing members and non-members alike.

With limited resources available, the ADO has been trying its best to co-organize, sponsor, and support the many activities the University of Macau Alumni Association (AAAUM) had initiated or organized. We are very happy to see that the Association has been so active in organizing alumni and supporting the development of UM. It is clear that the society has recognized the significance of UM’s alumni and their contribution to the society.

Many of our graduates have college-aged children. It is my sincere hope that they will consider sending their children to study in the university where they themselves spent years learning and growing up to become the cream of the crop of our society. Hopefully the university will very soon have a large group of second generation UM alumni. This will be a good tradition to develop for UM in her aspiration to become a world-class university.

P. C. Vong

Director of ADO

26 May, 2011